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Accumulatively served more than 2000 Alibaba foreign trade comp

Alibaba Local Consultant

Alibaba officially designated a supply chain partner service provider, a one-stop foreign trade full-process solution.

Credit insurance and e-foreign exchange collection, one-stop comprehensive foreign trade services, smart customs, supply chain finance, fiscal and taxation services.

Credit Insurance and E-collection

Credit guarantee is a professional cross-border B2B transaction system under Alibaba, which integrates resources from all parties to provide comprehensive cross-border transaction full-link services.

One Touch integrated Services

Provide foreign trade enterprises with fast and low-cost customs clearance, foreign exchange collection, tax rebate and supporting foreign trade financing, international logistics services, and solve the service problems of foreign trade enterprises in the whole process of circulation.

Smart Customs

Provide foreign trade enterprises with one-stop digital intelligent customs clearance services at national ports, multi-scenarios, and diversification to help enterprises make customs clearance safer, more efficient and more convenient.

Supply Chain Finance

Alibaba International Station's cross-border supply chain united financial institutions to provide full-link financial solutions for cross-border payments, buyer financing, and transaction protection, such as merchant loans, super letters of credit and other product services.

Finance and Taxation Service

Provide customers with professional and guaranteed agency bookkeeping, agency tax refund and tax refund financing services, and realize the six major service functions of fast tax refund, timely reporting, compliance, high efficiency, standardization, and visualization.

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